CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

 CST is a gentle, hands-on technique that supports the function of the Central Nervous System and helps free up holding patterns  in the body.

I treat areas that feel as if they are moving a little bit differently from the rest of the body. These gentle holds I do in a session can mimic the movements of the body and support the body's natural healing process, to change any patterns of restriction.

I focus my attention on the subtle systems, such as CranioSacral, and Lymphatic Drainage,  to treat headaches, migraines, TMJ dysfunction, concussions, spinal cord injuries, chronic fatigue,  depression, hypermobility, anxiety, and chronic depletion.

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Massage Therapy

I received my Massage License in 2009 from the Massage Therapy Institute of Missouri in Columbia.
Thanks to my teachers, I am well versed in CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Energy work, Yoga, and Meditation.
In a massage, in addition to the modalities mentioned above, I typically use Swedish and Deep tissue techniques as needed. If there are troublesome areas, I use silicone cupping to free up the fascia. 
After a session, I often show my clients a stretch or two to offer them ways to relieve pain on their own. 
There are many layers to healing and it's always my intention to work WITH my clients to help them through tough emotions and physical restrictions in the body. 

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Come prepared!

During a CranioSacral Session, clients stay clothed, so come comfortable!

Come ready to relax, try to allow time to get here so you don't feel all stressed out before you lay on the table. 

Allow time afterwards to move slowly and process the session you had. Sometimes unwinding happens very slowly, so giving yourself the gift of moving as slow as your body wants to go will help with integration.

Avoid caffeine or heavy food before your treatment.

Think positively. Believe in your body's natural ability to heal. 

 Current Read: The Wisdom of Your Body, by Hillary L. McBride

CST for Children 

Corri works with infants and children. She is enthusiastic about helping children learn self-awareness and self-regulation. At birth, CranioSacral therapy can help infants recover from birth trauma, nursing issues, colic, and Cranial asymmetry. As kids get older, CranioSacral Therapy can help them find their inner calm, help with sensory and emotional processing, as well as helping with transitions through developmental milestones.
Even a single session can help your child achieve priceless benefits, from calmness and greater focus, to better-integrated sensory facilities. Additional sessions can extend and strengthen these outcomes, which may help in creating a lifetime of good health for your child.


I've been practicing Massage and CranioSacral Therapy since 2009 and work with infants, children, and adults. 
My passion for working with the body began my early twenties when I started getting regular massages and doing yoga. These simple acts of self care helped bring an awareness to the body and a better grasp of self-regulation that I had never learned before. I learned that the better I felt in my body, the healthier I felt overall - my mind was clear, and my spirit was light! My interest grew from there to incorporate meditation and nutrition.
I integrate that knowledge to collaborate with my client's through each session.
My work-related passions include the subtle systems of the body - The Nervous System, The Lymphatic System, Brain Development, Energy, Nature, Nurturing, Nutrition, and Embodiment.

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